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Important Things About the Ebola Outbreak

  • You’re not hearing enough about it because it’s happening in Africa. Plain and simple. Western Media (of which I was once a naive member) does not consider the deaths of non-whites and non-Westerners as important, so while this disease kills, it isn’t killing the right people to get enough attention.
  • With that said, officials have made it clear that they think there’s no chance the disease could spread outside of Africa, and definitely not to the United States.
  • That’s bullshit, in my opinion. I’ve spent a lot of time researching disease transmission, viruses, etc., both professionally and in my spare time. It may not spread, but they can’t know that at this stage. It’s the largest outbreak of Ebola EVER. There are already hundreds dead, and the number is growing.
  • "Ebola virus disease (formerly known as Ebola haemorrhagic fever) is a severe, often fatal illness, with a case fatality rate of up to 90%. It is one of the world’s most virulent diseases.The infection is transmitted by direct contact with the blood, body fluids and tissues of infected animals or people. Severely ill patients require intensive supportive care. During an outbreak, those at higher risk of infection are health workers, family members and others in close contact with sick people and deceased patients." [x]
  • There is no cure and no vaccine, and most people are not educated on protecting themselves from this disease.
  • Don’t freak out, but we should all be paying attention.

Let me note that 2 American doctors have become infected from the virus. One of the doctor’s family members (Wife and children) was living with him and left a week prior to him showing symptoms of the virus. Supposedly a person cannot contract the virus if the infected person does not show symptoms. However, the Ebola virus has an incubation period of 2-21 days. 

Continue to look for updates about the spread of the virus.

and they’re bringing those two Americans back to the country…at least one will be in Atlanta. (X)


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Guys Do You Realize that when this kid grows up he’s going to see these

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[x]: Jensen and Jared greeting each other at the Supernatural panel at SDCC, July 2012.



When an actor stumbles into their fandom on Tumblr:


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in Canada they don’t pronounce Z as "zee"

they pronounce it as "zed" and that is crazy to me

it sounds like they made a typo when they invented it

They do that everywhere in the world that’s not America. We do that here in the UK too.
America is weird man.


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Liana ||Virginia Beach||

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